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Election Results are in


President (2yr term)... HELEN WILKERSON
Secretary (2yr term)...TAMMY ZIMMERMAN
Treasurer (1yr term)...NAKIECE HYLAND
Board of Directors (2yr term)...CARMENLITA MAKELL,

MSEA ASSOCIATE REP. DELEGATE (1YR TERM) Deborah Schaefer, Lisa Bates, Carmenlita Makell, Keion Dorsey, Tammy Zimmerman, William Johnson, John D. Watts, Nakiece Hyland, David Picken, and Mauria Schafer.

NEA ASSOC REP DELEGATEs (1yr term). Deborah Schaefer, Carmenlita Makell, Keion Dorsey, and Tammy Zimmerman

ALTERNATE NEA ASSOC REP DELEGATEs (1yr term) Sylvia Wiedenhoeft, and Lisa Bates

Meet SAAAAC's 2019 ESP of the Year

Behavior Specialist/Student Advocate Tammy Littleton of Northeast High School.

Nominations for 2020 will be coming soon.

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